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Scripture Classes


Victory Baptist Church, is approved as a Special Religious Education (SRE) provider in NSW schools. We are committed to providing a safe and happy environment in every SRE class taught by our dedicated members and approved volunteers. All our SRE teachers fulfil the following requirements to teach SRE within a public school:


  1. They have undertaken ‘Working with Children’ screening and have received their WWCC clearance authorisation.

  2. They have been formally trained to teach SRE in public schools and are committed to ongoing training.

  3. They are aware of the Department of Education’s Code of Conduct document.

  4. They are committed to teach the approved curriculum.

  5. They hold a valid ‘Authorisation Certificate’.


Our training is done through ‘Youthworks’  :- 

We also from time to time have used ‘GodSpace’ for training SRE teachers


The approved curriculum we use for teaching SRE in Primary public schools is
‘CEPconnect’ –>

The ‘Educational outcomes’ of the cepconnect materials is also found at:

Also, for High Schools, the ‘ThinkFaith’ curriculum, which is a ‘Youthworks’
curriculum supported by Generate.
Here’s the link:
The ‘scope and sequence’ of the above material is found:


If a complaint is made concerning one of our SRE teachers, every effort will be made
to clarify and also resolve the situation between all parties involved as quickly as is possible.
Please be assured that we will endeavor to listen and address any formally raised matter with
due diligence concerning our approved SRE teachers.

Complaints FORM SRE for VBC
Please direct your inquires through our email address. ie

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